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Offer from David St Lawrence / Re: THIS FORUM IS UP FOR SALE
« Last post by David St Lawrence on July 21, 2017, 09:41:27 AM »
For those of you who would like to preserve some of the threads on this forum, I suggest that you use this website copier:

HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local ...
Offer from David St Lawrence / THIS FORUM IS UP FOR SALE
« Last post by David St Lawrence on July 20, 2017, 12:51:14 AM »
Dear All,

I created this forum several years ago to enable spiritual-minded people to exchange ideas in an open forum environment that would accept all sorts of spiritual practices.

Each practice has its own category with its own moderators and within that category, the moderator is law, thus there was no opportunity for forum members to interfere with those who hold conflicting beliefs.

Many of the original groups have gone off and created other forums and websites dedicated to their own practices. I did this several years ago and have not visited this site much since then.

There is an amazing amount of spiritual knowledge on this site and it can all be yours if you wish to take on the responsibility for the forum.

I do not want to shut this forum down if there is someone who wants to take over the domain names and run this as an independent forum on their own server.

I have arranged with Godaddy to do all of the transfer activity so that this forum can still be accessed as or, but it will be hosted on an independent server under your control and not on my shared server.

The domain names will be transferred to you and you will become a GoDadddy customer.

Your cost for this turnkey transfer will be about $400 which you will pay to me via payPal

This transfer will take only a few days once you decide to take my offer and I will connect you up with the GoDaddy technicians who will set you up once the forum is transferred.

Please respond to me at

This offer will expire July 31st. 2017
Reference Materials / Re: Samkhya
« Last post by Argos on July 16, 2017, 11:41:02 AM »

  As promised, here is what is going on, at the highest level of reflections

               From human perspective, the seven chakra, or CROWN CHAKRA, is the screen on which is projected your actual life time, frame by frame...

                             that crown chakra, a cluster of entities, is ''activated'' by the identification of the soul to its own self, and, of course, the projection comes from the record of all your life time, kept by the Genetic Entity, itself the individual reflection of the global record, Shiva, the keeper of all past and future events...

                The same happens at the highest level of reflections:

                      Shiva, is like the CROWN Chakra, the screen on which is projected to the Static, or Brahman, the whole record of Mankind consciousness history, the IDENTIFICATION OF THE STATIC, BRAHMAN, OR PARATMANAM, TO THE CROWN CHAKRA,SHIVA, ACTIVATES THE SCREEN ON WHICH THE WHOLE RECORD OF THIS UNIVERSE IS PROJECTED, ONE LIFE TIME AT A TIME!!

                In this configuration, KRISNA is LIKE  the ''GENETIC ENTITY '' THE VITUAL SELF RECORD OF ALL SELVES. projecting on the static  ''personal'' screen, SHIVA, one life time record at a time, [EACH INDIVIDUALIZED SOUL is ONE OF the static's attention point] ALL IN THE SAME TIME !! KRISHNA himself being THE SUPREME SELF REFLECTION FROM all separate living entities, in  ONE VIRTUAL SELF RECORD !! > So, we are dealing with a ''mechanism'' of infinite reflections, where time itself is reflected in its globality, towards, all separated time views points, and back ! Through a kaleidoscopic personal Godhead, KRISHNA !

 In summary, the Static is THE WITNESS, as [individualized] souls, all the recorded individual movies, is KRISHNA,
 Projecting on a COSMIC screen, SHIVA, each recorded life time.., experience one at a time, by the individualized soul, AND all at once... by the Static! {Brahman}

          A. &:+ ($e &:+


  You certainly remember watching the night sky, in admiration of all these stars and galaxies, and may be, you never though it was a giant screen, or may be, you got that feel, this is an individual personal projection, the movie of your life time, but the sky is to be seen by everyone, so we are dealing with individual records, as well as a collective one, the collective record, has its individualized part just for you, and the virtuality of all those individual records of action or karmas is held in on single virtuality, this gives that collective virtual entity the power to project reality on a clustered global entity, playing the role of a giant screen, that projection is watched by each of life at a time...

             ($e &:+


       Settarg is right, when declaring the soul to have ''no beginning, no end'' if we consider the soul and the Static to be absolutely identical, but then, we are speaking about the Static, not the soul, the Static cannot be undone, for the good reason that it is NOT, BUT ONLY NOTHING'S AWARENESS, this make the Static, unchangeable, instead, the soul, is perfectly changeable, as the soul is nothing more than an attention point taken by the static, the simple fact for a soul to look at its origin, blows any consideration of separateness with the Static, and without separateness, the soul cease to be ! In order to maintain the soul in its condition of separateness, you get to convince the soul of its individual ''responsibility''...Which is pure bullshit, of course, but as long as the soul ''believes'' it is the ORIGIN OF ATTENTION, IT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL ITS ACTIONS [KARMA] ASSUMING IT IS THE DOER OF ALL THESE ACTIONS, the truth, is, that the soul is dealing with a RECORD OF ACTIONS ONLY, and as long as the soul does not know that, it is bond to these actions! Here is the anatomy of the trap, making the soul to accumulate charges upon its own subjective ''culpability'' !

 Those charges constitute what actually maintains the soul in its state of separateness, this is an Ethics problem, and this is as well the principle of Karma, constitutive of the structure of this reality Universe. If all souls, at the same time, were to blow their charges, this universe will instantly vanish !!

                                              A. &:+ ($e &:+
Reference Materials / Re: Samkhya
« Last post by Argos on July 13, 2017, 10:59:54 PM »

                                 After Settarg pointed out to me how challenging it was to get

        the point about the soul being identical to the Static, while the Static NOT being identical to the soul, I decided to spend some time around that particular, strange and paradoxical statement...

                                       To start with, both Static and soul got no EXISTENCE AT ALL, ONLY BEINGNESS...

         If you already lost, you may switch to cartoon network, more accessible,  )K/ Existence of any illusion, if persisting, has to contain a lie, and if you try to trace back the origin of any illusion of existence, you tumble always on the same lack of any condition...So, what could be the first condition of existence, ever ??
                                Consideration !!

           You need a point of consideration, in order to perceive anything ...errrr...considerable ! And, we get something fishy here, as nothingness having, of course, no existence at all, to get anything in this condition of nothingness is more than challenging, it has to contain a lie ! And that lie could be about the existence of a first consideration, on nothingness itself, as nothingness being able to consider its own nothingnessness, is obviously a loop of infinite dimension...Still there? The Static being that very reflection, of nothingness on its own nothingnessness, it is definitively the ultimate reflection of all possible reflections...and is well named as ''nothing's awareness'', exposing as such, the reflexive nature of nothingness.

                  Now, to make eternity affordable, let's focus on the fact that


            Which is pretty much the basic postulate of it all !! And as well, that fundamental lie, as, if you inspect that postulate closely, nothing is actually there to consider anything, so you obviously need a cover up, to get it rolling, and this is where the souls come handy, indeed, if you manage to consider that basic postulate from different points of time, you will get a time perspective on eternity, in other words, that impossible basic postulate has to be considered from a perspective, a multi perspective, and as you cannot cut nothing in parts, the only way to cut it will be in time, that can only be done by duplicating the original postulate in as many postulates, or extension  view points, so, in short, nothingness will have to duplicate its own awareness [namely, the Static] in one infinity of copies, in order to create the persistence of its own awareness,  and this is how, the souls are assuming the persistence of the Static !!

            Souls are unit of time awareness, or extension view points, attention points taken by the static, on its own non existence !!

           So is the fabric of the illusion, of persistence itself, the truth remaining that nothing will ever exist anyway!

But, by extending view points in different times, will appear consequently something considerable, that we call reality...
   As well, the fact that all these extended points of time from the Static happen to be separated in time perspective, in the same time, will guaranty the persistence of the illusion, but as well, will reduce its subjective perception to present time only !! 

          And so, that present time will be the ultimate result of the operation, a Static point of time perception, so, even if Souls appear to be separated in their own time perspective, whatever they perceive, will happen in present time only...putting the Static present in any perception phenomenon, that time paradox, explains in itself why souls get an origin, while the Static is being that origin, putting the Static beyond any beginning or end, being its OWN ORIGIN,  but putting the soul in its own perspective, so having an origin, [the Static] BUT NO END, BECAUSE BEING identical to the static...
[Eventually, the Static will reach its own attention point, undoing the separateness of the soul, and so its vanishing !]
WHILE THE STATIC IS ONLY IDENTICAL TO ITSELF, in other words, nothing, and its awareness are obviously, identical !

                                                             #^G @V$

                                                                                   &:+ ($e &:+       
General Discussions - public / Re: ENTITIES
« Last post by Argos on July 13, 2017, 08:30:16 AM »

                                                                      Entities / charges / worship

           A particularity of entities, is that they carry the form of worship they have been through, which means a lot of charges, tied to the form of worship they were involved with.

                    That is the general rule. Now, this said, it is important to refresh the reader that there are many kind of entities, from the highest level, concerning the 5th Dynamic, nothing to do with the ''4th Dimension'' which is an Hollywood invention, like the ''Matrix''  and other stuff inundating Youtube, as New age religions movement...The 5th Dynamic, this is ''SHIVA'' all times all space, in one single Entity, a global entity, which is reflecting on itself in a space/time locality, MAKING UP, of course, the 4th Dynamic, concerned with Mankind as a whole...then, down scale, you find more kind of entities, mainly dropping out the trap of several incarnations, having failed as SOUL on their  PURPOSE OF FINDING THE WAY TO FREE THEMSELVES...

                      Even down from that state, progressively losing individual responsibility, they end up in cluster to constitute matter itself, in other words, to form the solidity of the game, [thankx to them !  ($e]

            This just to refresh what we are speaking about, now lets focus on what happen to people dying, and when they are denied, as soul, any further re-incarnation, they became an ENTITY !! carrying their last identity, and OF COURSE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEVING.

                                So we are dealing then with bunch of entities, like from Mosul Muslims radical, who instead of getting any reward from their actions, got stuck as entities, denied any persistence as soul, denied reincarnation, and, of course, carrying THE CHARGES they created by the wrong form of worship, I can sense that you are already lost in your personal thoughts, so take a break, a tea or coffee, and take the time to think about it, remember, entities are made of charges, only !

  A. &:+ ($e &:+         

                       As usual, with Argos posts, you can read them in a loop, reading them from top to bottom, then again, until, all pictures appear in your Crown Chakra !

                     Here, I am going to show that human beings thinks like apes I(& _)L

         Take it seriously, if you want, but for me, it is so obvious, than it does not need to be demonstrated...

                             And it is just funny, of course, until they blast that planet, just ''to protect each others''
     Let's it be started:
                                  ''Mass'' is nowhere to be found in the past, and is not anywhere in the future, either,

            it is exclusively A PRESENT TIME OCCURENCE !! And Einstein never understood that, of course, like all scientists for hundred years, they believed that mass has being ''created'' in the past, in ONE ORIGINAL BIG BANG, AND NONE OF THEM DID EVEN START TO THINK ABOUT HOW WE HAPPEN TO SEE THIS UNIVERSE FROM A PRESENT TIME POINT OF VIEW, ONLY...

                  In other words, they never pay attention to the fact that the OBSERVER is integrated in the phenomenon of perceiving whatever is observed, but, this is changing, with internet, more and more views on that paradox emerge, while in the meantime,
 7 billions of humans beings don't have any understanding about the demonstrated fact that the light is a ''CONSTANT'' WHICH, IN SHORT, MEANS THAT THE SPEED OF THE LIGHT IS IN NO WAY A MEASURABLE QUANTITY, AND OF COURSE NOT RELATIVE TO ANY MOTION, UNLIKE ANY OTHER MOTION, BELOW THAT

                          Human beings have excuses, because less than 1 % of teachers understand that fact above, so, forget about them being able to explain that to students, here in Nepal, it is the students who start to be aware of that, and explain it to their teachers !

                          Mass is a present time phenomenon, exclusively, because Mass is created by the collapse of both extremes past and futures, collapsing into each others, so creating a permanent illusion of perception, called <<PRESENT TIME>> which main quality, is to be <<STATIC>> !!...
   Next time you enjoy a camp fire, think about it! you will appreciate how this permanent collapse is transforming mass in energy ! This is probably because that, that it can be a simple spiritual  experience, to get warm, thanks to a bon fire !!!

 A. &:+ ($e &:+             

                          Well, the above experiment is not a problem for me, I already explained how a fundamental wave expands in [empty]space, that same wave coming back in time, creating an interference wave which is that observable reality, that explains why photons are ''time particles'' coming back in time, that being constitutive  of the fundamental phenomenon of consciousness, which, as demonstrated and verified by experiment, collapses waves in particles in motion. I am aware that this can really make some mad, that I can know that, like the poor guy, who has nothing to say,  but undo again and again hundred of ''likes'' given to me, just imagine the tone level of that individual, losing time an energy, just to undo other actions...pathetic!

          Today 13 July 17
                                     Of course, the same individual, realizing I know who he is, almost die of rage, and wiped out many more dozen of your ''likes''....confirming he needs serious medical attention...   
General Discussions - public / Re: Actualities
« Last post by Argos on July 12, 2017, 06:34:26 PM »

                         As I told you, it is going to happen,

           The same individual, did wipe out hundred of likes, after reading my last posts, probably assuming I am a teenager looking for a maximum of ''likes'' on his Facebook page...

                        I do care about people having the courage to put their name/alias to show their appreciation, and, those, cannot be ''undone'' but the ''likes'' you give, without registering, will be wiped out by the same individual, again and again, the actual real number of ''likes'' , after the same coward person wiped out some 1400 ''likes'',  in 7 different times of destruction, is well above 2200 ''likes'', not the 8 hundred something still there.

                                 This said, let's get serious, did you notice that the general level of Mankind intelligence is falling down dramatically, decades after decades ?

                    This fall is likely to be not visible, because we judge our intelligence, using that very same intelligence ! In other words, we are judges and parties, at the same time.

                                  More dramatically even, the level of general wisdom, very difficult to measure, indeed,  is, I think, going down the pipe even faster...

                                        This curve seems to be inversely proportional to the increase in computers capacities, doubling every 17 months, and this, for decades !!!

                        A, &:+ ($e &:+ 


 The guy undoing your likes by hundreds at a time, is a radical Christian, and an ex-Scientologist...
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