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Rub & Yawn
« on: December 07, 2014, 03:54:42 PM »
Hello Paul,

I've had some hard time lately and I couldn't concentrate on going in session.

Then I started with Rub & Yawn procedure and am doing it now for 2 weeks.
I went in session soon after and am also meditating daily again.

I do Rub&Yawn before meditation daily now.
Not the 6-Directions version, only Rub & Yawn with touching the environment (reach&withdraw).

It helped me to come back to present time and bring up my havingness.

I am still doing it daily.
I never did a full set of SCN objectives.

While doing the Rub&Yawn process I spot communications from entities and sometimes I skip my daily meditation altogether and go straight over to do a SRT session after the R&Y process for that day is flat.

However, I think Rub & Yawn with environment grounding can go a long way for many of people.
It releases lots of stress, stucked emotions, masses, calms down the chatter of entities without addressing them dircectly.

Thank you for the procedure and your placing it in the world wide web.


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