Author Topic: The Importance of Relevance in terms of What to Process  (Read 1128 times)

Dexter G

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As David expressed his conviction that the below is a most important principle for all modalities of processing, and for all practitioners when I shared it in my Facebook group, I'll share here with all of you as well:

More than ever, I am seeing it demonstrated that the single overriding principle, the most important element of truly successful processing is RELEVANCE- a word I have never seen exercised in the standard Scientology lexicon. RELEVANCE: it means, we should be addressing what is on the client's mind, that which is the reason the client seeks processing, his purpose for being in the session. It is the essence of my approach, and the key difference between my approach and the "keep hanging on, we'll get there eventually" mantra of what Scientologists know as "standard tech". I will routinely "C/S in the chair" as needed to parallel what draws the client's attention, so as to always be addressing what is RELEVANT FOR THE CLIENT, HERE AND NOW.

This point is well made in the statements made by two different clients of mine, both having had years of Scientology auditing previously in the C of S, in regard to the sessions we had today:

(1) "Our auditing is touching on stuff that should have been touched when I first walked into the org". (S.O., April 30, 2015)

(2) "This is so good to be addressing-this is everything I got into Scientology to handle!" (L.J., April 30, 2015)

I rest my case.
Love, Dex