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A venue for finding someone to co-audit with
« on: May 16, 2015, 05:33:18 PM »
I've had so many people contacting me looking for co-auditing partners, especially in the past month, and/or asking me to supervise. The trick seems to be matching people who are compatible in their processing goals and preferences. In the past few weeks it has occurred to me that there is no specific environment dedicated to this purpose, and so I have created such a venue, a Facebook group entitled "Co-Audit Hub", a place specifically for people seeking or engaging in co-auditing.

I'm assuming that mostly this will involve auditing over Skype, but not necessarily; that's entirely up to you.

In regard to those requests for me to supervise the co-auditing, it may have looked like I was stonewalling, but I've been considering how I would feel best about doing that. If mentoring or supervising is desired, there are many people who can be helpful, depending on your specific needs or desires.

For myself, I've decided I'd rather have a conversation over Skype with each co-auditor, as needed, to verify that things are going well, and/or to determine what is manifesting and how to address it, as well as to mentor as needed to correct or improve where there may have been missteps. I feel it's a better way to communicate and find out the relevant specifics of each session situation.

The point here is for people to find the situation they are looking for, and all are welcome to advertise here for whatever co-auditing situation they are looking for.

The more specific information you give, the better chance of finding the right person to work with- you may be primarily interested in addressing some specific "case" areas, or you may be primarily interested in experiencing some specific type or types of processing. You may only be able to have sessions under some particular conditions or at certain times, you may prefer a particular gender, or an auditor skilled in some particular types of processing, or you may simply be interested in generally experiencing and conducting auditing. Whatever! Make your particular parameters and interests know here, and best of luck in finding a good co-auditing partner!

Oh, and why the group photo of a pizza? Well, who doesn't like pizza?
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Happy hunting!
Love, Dex
PS- I expect the group to run itself, with little or no management by me; I'm plenty busy enough, and I don't see that there should be much management needed. For now, the guidelines to follow here are simply: "Behave yourself"; don't get offensive or off-putting to anyone. Simple enough.

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Re: A venue for finding someone to co-audit with
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 10:37:22 AM »
Yes, I already have two groups I coach by email and/or Skype  . . . these are action groups, not discussion groups.  Questions are asked and answered regarding use of available techs in member solo sessions or in co-processing.

Occasionally I dive in to do a debug session for members &l>

One group is quite advanced, and the other is composed or relative entry level stuff.


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Re: A venue for finding someone to co-audit with
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2015, 06:48:58 PM »
We need to encourage co-auditing in every way possible and that encouragement should embrace every known form of spiritual counseling available.

To that end, there should be many different locations which provide a means to connect people up and they all should be linked eventually so that regardless of language or practice, a seeker will be able to find a partner to work with.

Whether people are using some form of Idenics, Scientology, Knowledgism, Ron's Org processes, Robert Ducharme's Clearing Technology, TROM, Self Clearing, Dexter Gelfand's Power Processing, or Spiritual Rescue Technology, they should be able to let their interest be known and be able to be reached by those interested in working with them.

There are at least a dozen more practices which are less widely known, but which should be accessible through this sort of a connecting point.

No guarantees can be made for the results of these matches, so some guidelines for evaluating the suitability of a co-audit partner might be in order. Another requirement might be for some basic information to be disclosed before posting of a request or a response is permitted.

It would be well to avoid the risks of a Craigslist situation where unsuspecting people were preyed upon.

To avoid the burden of administering a multi technology connection point, we might begin by limiting each connection point to one particular practice like Book One, Self Analysis, Idenics, etc.

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