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Welcome Newcomers!
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:58:55 PM »
The discussions here cover successful and unsuccessful processes and all of the efforts made to extend and expand Scientology technology.

We support open communication about all spiritual practices with dedicated areas for each methodology. This area is dedicated to independent versions of Scientology technology.

This is the place to ask questions and expect answers about Independent versions of Scientology and derivative practices.

There are no questions that cannot be asked and there will be no tolerance for actions that act to suppress communication.

You will notice that some areas have their own charter. These were put in place to facilitate discussions concerning a particular methodology or belief and to prevent misunderstandings on the part of visitors. All of these areas are moderated so that open communication occurs and visitors get their questions answered promptly and politely.

If you encounter ANY communications that trouble you or inconvenience you, contact your local moderator or one of the administrators.

Since this is a forum for discussion of Scientology technology, we respectfully ask that you do not attempt to post complaints about cults or religious organizations that have abused you. If you are looking for relief from those abuses, you are welcome to ask for help and you will probably receive more help than you ever expected.

There is a wealth of lost spiritual technology on the Internet and elsewhere. If you have material to share and you feel it may not have anything to do with Scientology technology, feel free to post it in the Important References section and to discuss it in the public or private "Topics that don't fit anywhere else" section.


Off Topic Posts:
Posts that attempt to right a perceived wrong, or complain about the actions of others, or to rail against the insanity of modern civilization or the church or anything else will be moved to a holding area where they can be edited by the original poster or deleted if deemed necessary. If you wish to discuss the handling of a post, please send a private message to the Administrator or the local moderator. You will be heard as our desire is not to cut communication but to put it on the right channels where it can be handled.

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