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Author Topic: V.Balakrishnan - Lectures on Quantum Physics  (Read 955 times)


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V.Balakrishnan - Lectures on Quantum Physics
« on: January 02, 2014, 08:16:20 AM »
If you have the time and the interest, this series of lectures serves as a complete course in the fundamentals of quantum physics, and is a set of 31 videos of a Lecture Series on Quantum Physics by Prof.V.Balakrishnan, Department of Physics, IIT Madras.

The first video, to give an idea, is here, and you can follow the links to work through them:


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Re: V.Balakrishnan - Lectures on Quantum Physics
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2017, 10:06:10 PM »

                                                The weakness of quantum theory exposed

         The basic motivation behind quantum theory, is to logically/mathematically solve the natural incoherence of observations.

     Newton point of view on ''physics'' works to a certain extent, until observation of the real word comes to contradict fundamental laws of physics: for instance, the expansion of this universe, and along it, the observed acceleration of this expansion, cannot be explained by Newtonian physics, but, you can turn around that contradiction, and propose a new mathematical frame of work, logically sound, it will work, logically, and mathematically, until demonstrated wrong by an other proposition.
        This makes the ''uncertainty principle handy'' and the whole so called quantum theory, a convenient way of covering up, the ignorance, the lack of humility, and the total lack of common sense associated with the whole subject ! In the beginning of this lecture, when dealing with the fact that momentum and position of a given particle, cannot accurately, and simultaneously be measured, that fact is just thrown under the carpet with a single equation, in the end, stating that it is only ''a natural '' aspect of reality!

                        I will not try to make the equations wrong, they are right, and on purpose...

             Einstein, in his time, threw away the ''ETHER'' theory, too embarrassing, and so doing,  could propose a new theoretical model,  the fact that the Higgs field, and consequently the ''discovery'' of the so called ''God particle'' proving the existence of that Higgs field, the fact that this makes and constitutes, A NEW ETHER THEORY, proving Einstein wrong,  is again, thrown under the carpet!

                       I can continue like that for ever, the problem is that all this scientists, are convinced of their own rightness, and, like in the video above, insist in pushing down the throat of students the main stream established consensus, even knowing, that this will be sooner, or later, replaced with a new theory, you get my point?

            Now, just for fun, let me expose the weakness of it all!

         As we all have been taught, the stars we can observe at night, are ''in the past'' as accordingly to the speed of the light, what we actually observe, happened long ago, to the point that we could still see for millions years, a star that has already blasted to extinction...bla,bla,bla,...

       Now, this is true, from Earth point of view, lets call it EARTH ONE, now lets see what happens from a EARTH TWO  point of view, that EARTH TWO,  being...errr, at a very considerable distance from EARTH ONE...the sun, our star, would be seen then, in the past, accordingly to the distance involved, and that would be true, from EARTH TWO point of view, the problem is, both EARTH ONE, and EARTH TWO...would be in the past of each other, and that makes no sense, at all, but this is precisely what that so called quantum tries to cover up!

                 Only MAX PLANCK, saw that, as a problem that CANNOT BE SOLVED, indicating that this reality has, in fact, no basis, other than being totally not real, and essentially, a ''magic occurrence'' !


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